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Customer Testimonials

Blissful! Yvette's treatment was thorough and consistent in techniques. Time was well used with each area of the body receiving - intentional and flowing. Yvette is passionate about massage and client care which shows in her effective treatment plans.

Brittany E.

" Yvette has an intuitive ability to give you the massage that you need. Better than most RMT massages I have experienced. A+! "

Josh S.

" I'm familiar with massage therapy and physio for various work related injuries and general muscle soreness, but this was something different in that it was a whole body treatment. Yvette delivered an excellent and very relaxing treatment. I can see building this type of bodywork into an ongoing wellness regime complementing physio for rehab purposes. I'd definitely book again. "

Markus W.

" Yvette was really wonderful. This was one of the best massages I've ever had. I loved that she didn't try to make small talk and that she was fine with me just relaxing quietly. She explained how the treatment would go and provided awesome pressure and attention to the most tense muscles. "

Stephanie D.

" Yvette was very thorough in her treatment. One of the best massages I've ever had! Super relaxing and just what I needed to complete the weekend. "

Tracy G.

" An incredible massage 100% recommended "

Christian B. (Professional Athlete)

" She was wonderful. I had several aches and pains - they are gone! I particularly liked the feet, hand and neck work. I liked everything she did. I was amazed at the strength in her hands - they seemed like double the size and very confident. A very special lady. "

Sheila C.

" From start to finish, superb. Yvette is professional, present, skilled and caring. Her work is consistently outstanding and the feedback she received echoed what I observed in class. "

Tanya B. (Lead Instructor)


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