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About Me

My journey into Massage and Healing Arts developed from spending many years in an office/administrative role. I was able to appreciate first hand the ailments and specific area’s where I needed massages! I developed such an appreciation as a client/receiver that I felt a desire to explore my life’s path and provide beneficial treatments to others.

After graduating from Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage, I found that my journey into wellness had been ‘my calling’. I truly developed such passion in being able to aid in healing others. I practice massage with a compassionate, caring and mindful approach. I’ve come to understand that everyone carries different life experiences that can be held in the body as tension, pain or holding patterns. With focus on listening and providing treatments unique to each person, my goal is to cultivate awareness and allow the body to relax, release and heal.

Experience and Training

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue


Indian Head Massage


Hot Stone Massage


Anatomy, Physiology, Pathologies, Kinesiology

Benefits of Massage

  • Aids in muscle relaxation and relieves muscle tension
  • Promote the release of endorphin's - the body's natural pain killer
  • Increase range of motion while reducing back pain
  • Decreases headaches, sleep disturbances and stress
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